Sunday, October 21, 2012

ETC Semester Project - Stempower

Now halfway through my third semester at the Entertainment Technology Center, it's about time I post an update about my current semester project.  Stempower is part of the DARPA Engage project, and we are working to make an educational game for the web using Unity3D based on the research of Stella Vosniadou.  Our goal is to educate third grade aged children about our Earth's day/night cycle.  We're creating a puzzle game called Sleepy Busy Planet that has players rotating the Earth to wake up different characters scattered around the globe who are all working together to build secret projects.  As the game is a web game you can try it now.  Feel free to check back as the semester goes on, we update the public build every Friday when our newsletter goes out.

This semester I am serving as the group's producer and am also still contributing as a programmer.  The lessons I learned about Scrum and Agile Development while an intern this past summer at Schell Games are currently serving me and my team very well as I handle production duties for the group.  I have two teammates who are also programmers, and this is their first semester-long project.  I am taking more of a leadership role on this project and am letting them take point on writing most of the code, while I architect the higher level layout of the code and help them debug as needed.