Friday, December 9, 2011

On Stage at the Fall 2011 BVW Show!

Great news!  Two of my teams' worlds from this semester's Building Virtual Worlds class were selected to be featured in the Fall 2011 BVW Show!  Each year BVW students are allowed to submit worlds from any round to the BVW Jury for review, who then assemble a show from the best worlds to be put on stage in front of a live audience.  This semester over 90 worlds were created, 60 were submitted to the jury, and fourteen of those were selected to be in the show!  Here are clips from the show of the two worlds I was a part of.  I was a performer on stage in both of them.

Mouse <3 Mouse (yes, that's me in the mouse costume)

Electro Techno Corps (playing the role of Captain Electro in the middle)

The entire show was a huge success!  You can watch the whole thing online here:

This marks the end of my first semester at the Entertainment Technology Center!  Next up is a short winter break, during which I might find a little time to get back to work on Shining Force PC!  After that the next semester starts in mid January which will be a whole new adventure working on a full semester long project as opposed to the short 2-3 week rapid prototyping rounds of BVW.  I have to say that this semester has been the most exciting three months I can remember in forever!  I've made so many great friends and had a wonderful time creating amazing things together with them!  I only hope that the rest of my time here at the ETC will be this rewarding!

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