Friday, July 16, 2010

SFPC - July Combat Test Preview Video #2

So, more updates, more often.  Check!

Finally something that actually resembles very basic but functional combat!  My numbers are still way off, I'm sure, but I now have:

- The basic Attack/Magic/Item/Stay menu is functional.  Magic and Item do nothing, a lot of work needs done before they come online, but Stay and Attack are up and running as you can see above.
- Units can attack each other, do damage, and are removed from the battlefield when they run out of hit points.
- The battle ends when there are no enemies left on the field, which you can see when the debug info goes away at the end of the video.

Other than all the stuff left to do, what I really need right now is more accurate formulas.  None of the FAQs I have sifted through so far have the kind of info I need, at least not at first glance.  For now, I'm essentially rolling 1d20 behind the curtain to see if an attack hits.  A 20 is a crit (5%), a 4-19 is a hit (80%) and a 1-3 is a miss (15%).  Damage right now is just attacking character's Atk minus defending characters Def, +/- 1.  I still need to work counterattacks and double attacks into the mix as well, implement gold and how much gold an enemy is worth, how to award EXP, leveling up... so much left to do, but at least it's coming along.

If anyone has the exact formulas any of the SF games use, or can point me to a good resource that would save me a lot of time and effort doing research replaying parts of the original games over and over and over, please, let me know! 


  1. Honestly, I have no idea on the algorithms. I went looking on the internet and couldn't find anything.
    Unfortunately, someone would have to slowly advance one of the game's story and fight. Record attack, defense, and final damage.
    But that leaves the problem of figuring out the algorithm, which can get rather confusing.

    I found an RPG Maker VX damage algorithm:

    atk = (attacker.atk * XX/YY.Y)
    damage = atk * (1 - ( defender.def / ZZ.Z))
    damage = Integer(damage)

    I found a few others, but the actual damage ends up being hundreds of damage with low stats, the opposite of Shining Force. I'll keep looking though.

  2. I just found this page/project and am VERY impressed. This is what we NEED for shining. Sort of like RPG maker only without the sucky "standard rpg battle system". Awesome work so far!