Monday, August 16, 2010

SFPC - August Combat Test Video #4

Another productive weekend!  Lots of bug fixing, under the hood changes, and asset ripping, but a handful of new stuff as well, hence the video.  Scrolling text may look simple to the untrained eye, a little thing we all take for granted, but it took a good bit of work to get it looking right and behaving alongside everything else.  Battle movement has also received a tune up, characters can move through (but not stop in) squares occupied by allies, and enemy squares are excluded from movement range calculations.


  1. You sir, are amazing. Everything seems to be coming along smoothly, even the hiccups that have occurred you've managed to get past them easily.
    Keep up the excellent work!

  2. Things are going pretty well! Still going steady!!

    Looking at things at this point makes me wanna write down the sequel story of SF2 or rewrite SF2 with things going different (Bowie acting like a man, Sarah would be the main character, Astral would be a playable character of the force, more battles and harder ones…).

    Seems you found a lotta help in the Shining Force Central forum. If it’s related to SF series and exists: THEY KNOW IT!

    Great work! Keep updating!