Sunday, August 22, 2010

SFPC - August Combat Test Video #5

This week the big new feature is combat animations!  They're still pretty basic, no weapon graphics yet, I need to improve the item code a lot first before that happens, but aside from all the punching going on, things look pretty good! 


  1. What I have seen are looking pretty awesome. I have the one question about battle animations - what do you plan to do with the spellcasting frames? Will all characters have them (like Shining Force III) or only chosen classes (mages, priests, ninjas, etc.)? Or there will be no spellcasting frames at all (like Shining Force II)?

  2. The basic animation system currently does not support casting frames, but I have big plans for animations further down the road. Eventually I plan on being able to have more multi-frame animations for everyone for several different actions including spellcasting, and hopefully a similarly robust system for facewindows with more facial poses past just blinking and mouths opening and closing.

    All that hinges on getting some art to actually animate, though.

  3. I have to say, this is pretty amazing. You had mentioned you would be looking for help with graphics when you make a completely original game, how do i get in touch with you, i'd love to help out. email me at if interested. Great work!